Meet the Team

Contact's Servant Leaders

Ron Babbit


Ron is a Rent-A-Christian from Oklahoma and has served at Contact since before it was Contact. Ron teaches us what it looks like to love our neighbor, says "Cornbread" all the time, and gives everyone a nickname! Folks are now calling Ron 'Old Shep!'

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James Simmons


James grew up here in Tulsa with deep connections to Contact. After serving as Youth Minister and Young Adult Minister at the Park for nearly a decade, James came back home to preach the Good News and lead the staff and congregation into Contact's next chapter. Ron calls James 'Knees!'

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Kyler Erwin


Kyler is a native Tulsan with a heart for the community, a passion for sharing Jesus with others, and a love to sing. Kyler's wife served at Contact years before he made it over, so we are all glad he's finally fulfilling his calling right where he belongs. Ron calls Kyler 'Apple!'

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Kelanni Edwards


Kelanni came to Contact at the age of four. She has fulfilled the promise she made as a kid to come minister at Contact. Kelanni oversees programs and education for PreK-12th Grade. Ron calls Kelanni 'Kanoe!'

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Cherith Manfroi


Cherith came to Contact from the Texas Panhandle. After moving to Tulsa, kids at Contact kept inviting her until she couldn't leave. Cherith directs our major outreach events. Ron calls Cherith 'Hardly' or 'River!'

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Jonathan Stein


Jonathan came to Contact from Texas after working in social services while his wife earned a PhD. Jonathan calls himself a Swiss Army Knife - not the best tool for any job, but we'll get it done. Ron calls Jonathan 'Sprout!'

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