No Stopping


My name is Brooke King and I've been attending Camp Contact as a big buddy since eighth grade. I’ve been filled with endless amounts of love for my little buddy every year, but nothing could have prepared me for the love that I would feel for all the little buddies in my blue group! Being a Shepherd for a color group means that I get to lead twenty-two kindergarten & first grade boys for three weeks.

The preparation that goes into Camp Contact is insane. Starting as early as January, Amanda and Cherith start working on theme ideas and decorations. The amount of detail throughout for the decorations is Incredible, down to every ring in paper chains for the stage.

As a Shepherd, I get the privilege of meeting members of youth groups from all over and pairing them with the kids in my blue group. I have to consider the personality traits of my kids so that I can pair them with the new group of big buddies. I have several kids who are closed off and quiet, while I have kids who are louder and love answering questions. I love all of them! It's crazy to see them grow and work for a ticket for Ticket Time or stickers on their name tag.

Camp Contact is just one of the many things I've gotten to do as an intern at Contact. One of the best things about being an intern for Contact is the constant opportunity to connect with the kids outside of Camp Contact or Camp MO. When you're at camp there's a lot going on where timing is concerned so you don't have a lot of it to talk and get to know the kids. But as a summer intern, I'm able to go pick up a couple of the kids and get ice cream or maybe go to the park to talk about home and school or anything.

This summer, the interns are doing a mentoring program with the middle school girls group. Each intern is paired with a girl, and we've done Bible studies with them every week. We even encouraged them to plan and lead a Bible study of their own at girl’s group on Thursdays!

One of the other great things I've gotten to do as a summer intern is help teach the Pre-K & Kindergarten class on Sundays. Erin is the main teacher, and I help the kids pay attention and answer questions. It's always been one of my favorite things to see kids get excited about learning something new, and I get to do that every Sunday.

There's really no stopping with this summer internship thing. From day one you just keep going and going and going, but every minute of it is DEFINITELY worth it. There's nowhere else I'd rather spend this summer!

- Brooke King